Beneficiary's name: VITAPRESS Gyümölcsléelőállító és Élelmiszerkereskedelmi Kft.

Project title: Egészséges és funkcionális üdítőitalok kifejlesztése a Vitapress Kft-nél

Contracted support amount: 499.914.269 Ft

Rate of support: 55,97%

Actual completion date of the project: 2022.04.30.

Project identification number: VEKOP-2.1.1-15-2016-00145

Description of the project content: The aim of VITAPRESS Ltd. is to develop a collagen-containing soft drink made exclusively from natural ingredients. The most significant result of the development will be the Company's ability to replace artificial preservatives, colorants, and other artificial additives currently used in the industry solely with natural ingredients. The Company aims to find a solution to the scientific problem of how to achieve a natural preservation effect using mainly plant-based ingredients, which will preserve the product for at least 1 year. Natural preservation will be a revolutionary method in the industry and sets a very positive direction, as it is expected that many other companies will follow the Company's example, resulting in the production of increasingly healthier foods. Another important result of the development will be the collagen-containing soft drink. The product to be developed by the Company will have a pleasant taste profile and can be consumed as a refreshing drink for hydration purposes, making it much more popular among a wide range of people. Due to its soft drink format, collagen will be very well absorbed, making it consumable by numerous age groups.